Sculpture Avignon: Sardines du Chat

  • 'Sardines du Chat' by Philippe Balayn of Avignon, 2015.

    Philippe Balayn is a sculptor, painter and illustrator living in Avignon, France. His works combine humour, poetry and realism in a style heavily influenced by strip cartoons. Using  papier mâché  techniques Philippe creates unique works of art that aim to bring a note of optimism to our everyday lives.

    His sculptures are inspired by nature and the animal world with all its forms, from the living (spearfish, swordfish, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, cats…) to the “less living” (sardine tins, cod, mackerel…).

    Finally the synthesis between drawing and sculpture has appeared with the development of bas-reliefs. The created compositions then benefit from a strong graphic, highlighted with the relief from some elements and the large colour scale that acrylic paint allows. This painting in three dimensions opens the way to many works describing the impact of human industrial creations on nature.

    Philippe works from his studio in Avignon and has exhibited extensively in France’s major cities. In Austraia his works can be seen exclusively at La Brocante, Red Hill, Victoria.

    This piece is currently on show in our retail store:

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  • Sardines du Chat measures 40cm wide x 43cm high x 15cm deep.
  • Please send us a message or phone 03 5931 0293 for freight costs.



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