Parisian Glass Domes

  • These fine, large hand-blown glass domes were popular in France during the 1800s. 

    Some were made as marriage domes or “Globe de Mariée”. These were used by the bride and groom to preserve their wedding souvenirs such as the bride’s crown and floral bouquet which were often made from wax.

    Over the years other special items were added such as photographs, locks of babies hair and small items that told the story of their life together. The domes had pride of place in the home, usually in the formal dining room.

    Other similar domes were used to house mantel clocks. Much like the glass of a wristwatch, the fine glass domes kept dust and grime away from the mechanisms of these delicate timepieces.

    Although these domes have lost their original contents over time, they are popular decor pieces today and used to house a myriad of items from old books to sculptures, seashells, decorations, collections of all kinds, dried arrangements and just about any other vignette you can think of.

    These pieces are currently on show in our retail store:

    137 Shoreham Road, Red Hill, Victoria.
    Please send us a message or phone 03 5931 0293 for more information and freight costs.

  • Each glass dome has different dimensions but they are approx 48cm high x 38cm wide.
  • Please send us a message or phone 03 5931 0293 for freight costs.

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