Our retail store in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

For the past 6 years La Brocante (pronounced "la brocont" and translated as 'flea market') has been trading in a wonderfully eclectic world of European vintage objects, up-cycled creations and quirky homewares personally hand-picked by us from around the globe. We also have our own very successful range of wall art, linen cushions and greeting cards - all entirely made in Australia.

Matt ran a graphic design company for almost 20 years and is an avid collector of extraordinarily quirky and interesting bits and pieces. He is also the very passionate owner of a range of power tools. Put these things together and you have the making of a creative tinkerer with endless ideas for recycling and up-cycling found objects. Making an old zinc clock tick again, restoring a faded and torn image or rescuing a 1930s toleware French chandelier and getting it to shine again makes him a happy bloke.

I went to school in Montpellier and university in Nice in the south of France and so I have to admit that La Brocante is probably a very pleasant mid-life career crisis. I have now returned to everything that I love: frequent trips to France to source wonderful pieces, using my French (which I always think sounds fabulous after a glass or two of red), playing theatrics with French dealers as well as working on our own range and chatting regularly with our retail and wholesale customers.

We moved from inner city Melbourne in early 2014 and now live very contentedly in the 1870s former post office in Red Hill, Victoria, that is filled with found pieces: old French signs on our dining room walls, a club sofa from Marseille, wire sculptures from Avignon, a confit pot or two and toleware lights we found in French markets. So La Brocante is much more than a business to us, we're surrounded by it every day and I never tire of it.

If you are down on the Mornington Peninsula at any time please visit our store and make a day of it. We're surrounded by wineries, olive groves, a strawberry farm, apple and cherry orchards, wonderful cheese dairies not to mention of course the many wonderful restaurants and fabulous places to stay. If you would like further information on places to visit or stay around here please feel free to ask.

If you are far away then we hope you enjoy the experience of browsing our online store..

Cheers and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you one day soon.
Penny & Matt





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