How to keep your French fresh!

Isabelle Sury is a Swiss now living on the Mornington Peninsula and teaching French in schools and in smaller conversation classes. To get in touch with Isabelle please email

I asked Isabelle to write a post on the best way to keep up your French language skills and how to keep practicing at home. Here are her tips:

There is always the option of joining a French conversation group, and as the French migration to Australia increases, so do the French tutors. You can meet them in cafés, at home or in a school setting, and you can then approach your practice from several angles: conversation, grammar, written skills or further studies.

From your own home and as a weekly practice, reading some articles in the paper will keep your mind sharp. The online newspaper Voilà Sydney recently became Le Courrier Australien.

Try to keep your interest up by reading an article on current affairs in Australia or in any part of the world that may interest you. Le Courrier Australien is the longest running foreign language newspaper in Australia - a true fact straight from Google!

Courrier International is a Paris-based French weekly newspaper which translates and publishes excerpts of articles from over 900 international newspapers.

By looking at the above two resources you can read a number of interesting articles per week to practice your vocabulary and observe grammar points, you can even open another window to study verbs online

Ohlala, c’est la pression de la communication verbale; c’est extraordinaire, juste une question de répétition!

If you are not keen to practice on the internet, why not buy a book you know well in English and simply read it in French? You can find books written in both languages in the Pocket bilingual series in good bookstores or online. Bonne lecture!


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