A Sticky Lightbulb Moment!

Posted on 22 March, 2017 by Penny Attiwill | 0 comments

Sometimes things happen for a reason. A cliché perhaps, but true.

A couple of months ago I hurt my foot and so I spent more than a few days sitting in front of my Mac with my leg up resting on a chair.

Instead of deleting the masses of emails that for one reason or another appear each and every morning in my inbox, one day I started reading a few - most likely out of frustrated boredom. One email was from a company - god knows how I got on their list - that produces shabbie chic wall decals. 'Yucko' I mumbled into my Weetbix. 'LOVE' ... 'IMAGINE' ... 'DREAM' ... 'YOU ARE THE ONE' - you getting the picture? - prints in scripty gold fonts that still seem to have an enviably strong demographic even after a year or two in a saturated market.

So of course the entrepreneurial opportunist (or perhaps the jealous competitor?) in me came out. What if we printed wall decals ... but classier ones? "But hold on, that's not our core business" I muttered into my banana and do we really want to chase and join in on that gold-font market that we're not big fans of anyway?

What if we stayed firm to our business ideals and printed our type of image onto a wall sticker, something that could be applied to a wall without the need for nails and moved whenever required and re-applied again?

But our prints would look odd sticking on a wall without a frame ...

PING!!!!!!!! What if we printed the frame onto the image so that it had the illusion of a 3D frame but not the hassle and cost of actually framing? HALLELUJAH! as the lovely-late Leonard Cohen would have crooned.

And so STUCK UP ART! was born. A range of adhesive prints that can be stuck wherever ... moved whenever ... and applied either indoors or outdoors. Walls, fridge doors, cupboards doors, ceilings, sheds, concrete pools, barbeques ... my mind was spinning.

That was two months ago and the range has taken off. After showcasing at a trade show we now have several stockists and exciting plans ahead to expand designs. And all made here in Australia. Even better.

Oh and in case you're wondering. Yes my foot is better and I don't wish to jinx myself but sometimes it pays to be quiet, inquisitive and reflective and have time to read those 'junk' emails. You never know where inspiration might come from. Another cliché perhaps, but true.

See our full range of just-released STUCK UP ART! Designs.

Stuck Up art

Stuck Up Art
Stuck Up Art

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