Our purchasing experience from La Brocante has been pure delight. The print we ordered online was beautifully framed and hand delivered to us promptly and with a smile. We will be back!
Jan - 20.09.2017
I ordered a framed print and was very satisfied with the quality of the artwork and framing. As the print was for a special birthday gift, Penny kept me well informed as to the timing so I was comfortable to pick up in time for the big day. Thanks ... I'll definitely be back to purchase again.
Neva - 11.09.2017

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How the French Got Their Stripes
19 August, 2017

If you are interested in French fashion and culture, you have probably wondered why the striped sailor’s shirt, called a marinière in French, became such an emblematic symbol of French fashion. The marinière has become a timeless top that every...

A Truffle Market in Bourgogne
12 July, 2017

We had never come across a truffle market (marché aux truffes) – until on holidays in Bourgogne (possibly more well known for its Burgundy wines).For a start I would have presumed that this sort of event would be by invitation...

Winter Wine Weekend June 10-12
10 June, 2017

Winter Wine Weekend is held during the Queens Birthday long weekend in June every year and there are 2 parts: 1.  Winter Wine Fest - Saturday only (ticketed event) at Red Hill Showground 2.  Cellar Door activities and events -...

Interesting Tour de France Facts
08 May, 2017

We were putting something together the other day for a promotion of our cycling prints and we came up with these interesting facts about the grand Tour. I hope you enjoy reading them and feel free to share ...• The...



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